UPDATE!  March 2017  This map has been updated again to allow easy editing.  Corrections and additions were made.  Colors were changed to match standard Google Map colors.

UPDATE!  Jan 2017  I have made the main map default to terrain so you can see how the early routes followed the land.   You can click on Map and change to regular view or over to satellite view to see what the ground looks like.   Maps are now managed through Google Maps API which gives a lot more flexibility.  Click on link above for full page version.

Color codes for the roads;

Red = oldest alignments. 20's - 30's
Brown = 30's - 40's
Green = 40's - 50's

 These dates are approximate because Route 66 was continually being moved, re-routed, improved and changed.  But it will help you understand in which order the alignments were made.

 This map shows most of the alignments that Route 66 followed. The last alignments were Interstates and are not drawn on the map.  The lines were originally drawn using DeLorme Topo maps and then converted over to .KML format.  Other software I have found very useful is RidewithGPS, GPSBabel, and GPSVisualizer.


It would be wrong to take credit for more that I have actually done. My contribution has been the GPS, map and computer work to bring these maps to this site. The real credit belongs to those who have spent much more time than I have documenting the alignments of U.S. 66. In particular I would like to recognize Stefan Joppich, Jim Ross and Jerry McClanahan. I continually refer to their work to check and verify various alignments.  For the LA area I rely on the work of Scott R. Piotrowski . You guys rock!

Things to see and do on 66

Drivable route on 66

This is a drivable route of combined Rt 66 alignments.   The  red line is primary and the green lines are alternate routes.  Pick your route based on preferences or the sights you want to see the most.  I selected the route based on my drives on 66 with the most things to see.

Travel Aids

Wanting to travel the Mother Road?   Here is a good tool to help you.   I personally carry this with me me in addition to my maps on a laptop.  EZ-66 Guide by Jerry McClanahan.  You can find this below on Amazon.  Jerry also keeps an update section on his website so you can have up to date information between each edition.  Handy spiral format, easy to follow and great for staying on Rt 66.  If you are passing through Chandler, OK stop and see Jerry's gallery.   Location is on his website.

Jerry's Website

If you are interested in vintage bridges Rt 66 has a lot to offer.   Do not tour 66 without the book by Jim Ross; "Route 66 Crossings".   Great pictures, descriptions, historical information and GPS coordinates for each bridge.   This is also available on Amazon below.

Website for Jim Ross

If you like to travel and visit the vintage and more original motels and places to eat, like I do, you might want this guide.