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How do I share my 3D printer with the world?

I've recently purchased a $1400 Makergear M2 3D printer.

Before I had purchased this particular machine, I would have greatly benefited from having a friend who already owned a printer as a way to perform some test prints and do some evaluations. I had looked at some of the usual professional print websites like i materialise and such, but found that their cost was too prohibitive.

Now that I have my own printer, I'd like to share this machine with others. Does there currently exist any sort of platform to match up people who have particular equipment with others who have needs for particular equipment either for profit or for free on behalf of the equipment owner?

I just feel like I'm not using my machine as much as I'd like to and would like to get more use out of it.
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Try : Just a few clicks to share a 3D printer & become a Maker: fun and cheap!

Thinkklip is a place where people can join DIY groups and share 3D printers.

Our approach is extremely simple. We want to solve a simple problem: "good 3D printers are expensive” , so let’s see what happens if we weave a network of thousands of shared 3D printers.

Nate WaddoupsNate Waddoups
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Here are 3 web sites that will let you register your printer, to connect with local people who need printing:
3D printing services in your neighborhood
platform & marketplace for 3D-Printing . 3D-Prints . Prototypes . Rapid Prototyping
Make Your 3D Designs Come To Life
And maybe a fourth... I cant connect to their web site right now, but that might be AT&T's fault... I'm using my phone right now and it's not 100% reliable:
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Answered my own question! Here is the answer at Make Your 3D Designs Come To Life
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You can share your 3d printer files with the world on 3d printing marketplace. These sites allow uploading and downloading high quality 3D printer files quickly in various fields like electronics, fashion and many others.
There is also a project bidding platform Page on Additer. Apparently you can list your printer there and bid for 3D printing and other fabbing projects.
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