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I want to feed the FM radio signals to raspberry pi. Having a basic understanding of electronics, I figured out that a FM receiver and an ADC is required. Now I need help on how to proceed with the connections. Is there any kit or module which will help me?

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Is there any particular purpose in feeding the FM radio signals into the Pi? –  joan Feb 28 at 20:12
Your best bet is an I2C based receiver, then you can skip the separate ADC. –  goldilocks Feb 28 at 20:34
@joan my Nexus phone doesn't have FM radio receiver and my favourite FM station doesn't streaming on Internet. –  krthkj Mar 1 at 4:18
Thanks @goldilocks –  krthkj Mar 1 at 4:21
So you want to pipe FM radio through the Pi speakers. You don't want to perform signal analysis. So try a TEA5767 module or the much better RDA5807M based modules. –  joan Mar 1 at 8:00

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I have seen some tutorial where someone used an Phillips TEA 5767 FM Tuner to receive radio. with this breakout board. You should be successfull with that! It seems the TEA cost about $3~4$.

This blog gives a detailed description how you can convert your PI into an FM Tuner:

Here in this post where there is a discussion about the PI and the TEA.

I hope this helps you move forward to catch some great songs your favourite FM station.

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Thanks @joemexiko will try with TEA5767 –  krthkj Mar 1 at 4:44
@krthk_j let me know, if it works and maybe write a blog post somewhere. seems to be interesting! –  joemexiko Mar 1 at 13:50

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