Piano notes samples

I am searching for samples of piano notes (it could be a guitar too), one scale from C to C. But its seems harder that I thought. Do any of you know a website where I could download them for free?

EDIT, I need sounds in wav format.

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Why don't use a instrument VSTi like pianokeys or pianoteq, and resampling in audio note after note? Or you can record a YouTube video tutorial by search like "learning piano note" and resample but YouTube audio is bad for clean high frequencies converted in MP3

I will try that, I just thought it will be easier to find some samples on the internet.

Thanks alot! I assume there are 8 octaves, starting from C on 001?

Check out this list at bigcat instruments. While those are software instruments, you should be able to find the original samples with a bit of digging.

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