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So What Are the Best Piano Brands?

The country of origin is often the best indicator of the quality of pianos. Since piano production began in Germany and the United States, these represent the very best piano brands.

The United States only has 3 manufacturers left although there used to be hundreds of piano companies building in America. Today we have only:


is Steinway the best piano brand



Steinway makes about 2500 pianos a year




Mason & Hamlin

is mason and hamlin one of the best piano brands



Mason & Hamlin builds only 250 pianos per year






Charles Walter

Charles Walter, one of the top piano brands in the united states



Charles Walter is a relative newcomer which builds only about 65 pianos each year.






The best European pianos come primarily from Germany:


Bechstein is one of the best piano brands in the world


Bluthner pianos are one of the best brands

Bosendorfer (from Austria)

Bosendorfer is one of the best piano brands in Europe, they are based in Austria

Fazioli (from Italy)

Fazioli from Italy is one of the best piano brands in the world

The Eastern European pianos are not as refined but offer excellent value:


(The same company produces both pianos.)
petrof and weinbach are among the best piano brands


estonia is one of the best piano brands in europe

Japan makes the best Asian production pianos. There are 2 companies which are the largest and second largest manufacturers of pianos in the world:


Yamaha is one of the best asian production brand pianos


kawai is one of the best piano brands in Asia

Both companies have factories throughout Asia (not just in Japan) and the best pianos they build are made in Japan. They offer everything from budget instruments to hand-made pianos rivaling the best German and American pianos.

Korea has been making pianos for quite some time. While not as refined as the Japanese pianos, they continually improve. There are 2 Korean piano manufactures both of which have factories in other countries:


samick is a great piano brand, is it one of the best?

Young Chang

young chang is one of the best asian piano brands

Samick sells pianos under many different brand names including Kohler and Campbell, Knabe, Sohmer, Pramberger, Remington and many more. These are referred to as “stencil pianos” since the original manufacturer is either out of business or it is a made up name. Young Chang sells pianos under the Weber name.

Best Piano Brands YouTube Video

Best Piano Brands

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  1. Hi Robert,
    We really enjoyed your youtube discussion regarding the best pianos around today (not to mention the truly beautiful musical performance you threw in!). Our daughter is a musically talented twelve year old who has taken piano lessons for the last year (violin prior to that) and we are in the process of buying her a piano. We live in NYC and space is a consideration – so we are looking at uprights and consoles mostly – we have sort of narrowed it down to a new Charles R. Walter or a used Steinway, 1967 model (both are offered for sale at Beethoven Pianos on west 58th street). I really like the Walter model, which is about the same price as the used Steinway and notice that you mentioned it favorably. I also like the idea of purchasing from a small American manufacturer and love the idea of Mr. Walter’s personal oversight of each piece. I was told that the “action” is now being made in China – do you consider that a deficit in manufacture? Overall, would you recommend their console for a young student to “grow on”. Your thoughts are very much appreciated and we look forward to new youtube postings as well! Best, Ariella, Alex and LIbby Bergier – NYC

  2. Hi we are looking to buy a piano, found a Mason Risch Henry Herbert #121298 the guy is seling for $500. he said it’s 50 years old can you confirm if they were made by Henry H then…

  3. I am looking to buy a new piano for my son,they are curre tly 2 pianos I am looking for,they are the YAMAHA YDP-162 and KORG LP-350 wich of these would be the better buy in your opinion

    Many thanks for your time

    1. Both Yamaha and Korg (as well as Roland and others) offer keyboards with similar feature sets. Like playing traditional acoustic pianos, I suggest you play them yourself to see which one you prefer the sound and user experience. Sometimes differences in technical capabilities can be crucial. Most keyboards contain far more features than you are likely to use. But there may be some that are particularly important to you that one instrument has which is lacking in the other.

      Another crucial feature is the user interface. Sometimes basic functions like fine tuning are hidden under layers of menus. This may not be something you may ever need, although it could be essential for your particular work. So, try to spend some time with both keyboards to assess their feel, sound and overall user friendliness in making your decision.

  4. What about a Ludwig & Sons? Is that a good brand. I know they are no longer in business and haven’t been since around WWII. I have one that is in fairly good condition, but am thinking of maybe buying a newer piano that is not as big or heavy.

  5. I just obtained an Apollo grand piano and I’m wondering about its value. I love the look and sound of it so far. The serial number is 30264. I know it’s extremely old…there’s a tuning note penciled under it that is dated March 11, 1926!! I would like to know a more exact age based on the serial number. Thanks for any help you can give me.

  6. I have a Brambach baby grand serial number 43278 and I am trying to find out what year it was manufactured and any advice on selling it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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