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This section shows examples of the intersection routines written for this site's 2D Geometry Library. Each link allows you to manipulate the shapes listed. All intersections between the two shapes are updated as you manipulate the shapes. Some intersections display additional information when the shapes do not intersect. As an example, the circle-circle intersection determines if one circle is contained by the other circle.

It is important to note there are known problems with the Bezier-Bezier (any combination of quadratric and cubic) intersection routines. Incorrect intersections are reported when the control points use small values.

Further details for manipulating the shapes are available in the GUI Shapes Editors.

Quadratic Bezier and Quadratic Bezier

Quadratic Bezier and Cubic Bezier

Quadratic Bezier and Circle

Quadratic Bezier and Ellipse

Quadratic Bezier and Line

Quadratic Bezier and Polygon

Quadratic Bezier and Rectangle

Cubic Bezier and Cubic Bezier

Cubic Bezier and Circle

Cubic Bezier and Ellipse

Cubic Bezier and Line

Cubic Bezier and Polygon

Cubic Bezier and Rectangle

Circle and Circle

Circle and Ellipse

Circle and Line

Circle and Polygon

Circle and Rectangle

Ellipse and Ellipse

Ellipse and Line

Ellipse and Polygon

Ellipse and Rectangle

Line and Line

Line and Polygon

Line and Rectangle

Polygon and Polygon

Polygon and Rectangle

Rectangle and Rectangle

Absolute Path and Ellipse

Absolute Path and Line

Absolute Path and Polygon

Absolute Path and Rectangle

Relative Path and Ellipse

Relative Path and Line

Relative Path and Polygon

Relative Path and Rectangle